1. Jail Program Aims to Reduce Recidivism
    June 28, 2016
    Instead of immersing himself in the illegal drug culture, when Steven Dowell completes his state prison sentence on a variety of drug charges, he plans to work as a diesel mechanic at his father's shop in Hardin County.
  2. New Jail Program Teaches Inmates Skills for Success
    February 25, 2016
    "I chose this class to better myself in every way I could, and to better prepare myself for the community, for myself and my family," Thomas Scott, an inmate at Simpson County Detention Center said.
  3. Jail Program Could Be Replicated
    November 24, 2016
    Simpson County is on the forefront of a possible development that could save the state millions of dollars and help former inmates start fresh new lives.
  4. Simpson Jail Program SCOREs
    June 30, 2016
    Just because a person is incarcerated for nonviolent crimes doesn’t mean he or she can’t one day become a contributing member of society.
  5. Kentucky Addressing Pretrial Detention Rates
    June 17, 2017
    Southcentral Kentucky jails rank much lower in pretrial detention rates than their counterparts in other areas of the South, but many are still higher than national rates. A recent report from the Vera Institute of Justice shows the highest jail incarceration rates occur in America’s more rural counties where pretrial detention is one of the main drivers of “jail overuse.” While county jails in Warren, Hart and Logan counties have pretrial detention rates higher than the national average, Simpson County Detention Center’s rate is much lower.